Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hat and mittens

Christmas This is a hat and mittens (hobo gloves) I made up from some of the experimental yarn I spun. I think they turned out really pretty.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It's sort of sad. I had my son destroy the garden yesterday. No garden this year. We're moving. Actually, my husband is moving to Minnesota pretty soon to start his new job and the rest of us are coming up once we buy a house (my husband will be staying in a small apartment while we house hunt). It won't be a swift thing because we have a senior in high school and we're going to allow her to graduate. Lots of stuff to get arranged. I really doubt I'll put in a new garden this year at our new place (which we don't have yet!), or if I do put in a garden it'll be small. I've got so much to learn! I've never gardened in such a cold place. I haven't moved in twenty years. This is going to be a big job, but a job I'm ready to take on. Once I make a decision I want to rush ahead with it. It is hard for me to have to wait so long before we move. But we made this decision as a family and it is for the best. I've done so much with our little place here. I've got several apple trees, blueberry bushes, a large strawberry patch, a nice sized garden, chickens, etc. I've done so much with the small amount of land I have. Getting the right type of yard is going to be top priority for the house we choose up there. Hodgson's Homestead is moving north.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

November totals

Nov 2010 totals--

eggs 13 x 2.1oz= 27.3oz
Tomatoes 64.9oz
Chinese cabbage 8.8oz
peppers 12.4oz
broccoli 28.3oz
Total 141.7oz OR 8.9 lbs

total garden produce for 2010--- 761 lbs

I really don't expect it to go any higher. The chickens are on their winter strike (plus they are getting older, but I'm sure they'll lay a bit more in the spring). The garden is all done, other then the wintering over of garlic and wheat. I did attempt some winter lettuce, but it got to be too much of a hassle hauling it in and out of the house on cold nights, so I fed it to the chickens and that made them very happy. SOOOO I'd say, baring an unforseen event, my garden produce total for the year 2010 is 761 lbs. That is a a bit more then my 2009 total, but not by much. They're about the same.

Friday, December 3, 2010

stupid cute

These are actually cake balls dipped in chocolate. Everyone agreed they are stupid level cute. Food shouldn't be this adorable! They actually tasted pretty good, in a candy sort of way. I made them for the seminary kids. I was disappointed no one said anything. Camilla assured me no one would even think I did them, they look too professional. Oh well. They sure turned out cute!

current projects

I'm such a fiber geek. I'm just showing off some of the lovely yarns I've been spinning up. The light brown stuff in the bag is baby alpaca and, while quite unclean, is the softest fiber I've ever spun. It just takes serious fussing to get all the vegetable matte out of it (grass-type stuff). This also shows pictures of some beautiful colored yarns. I bought some dyed roving (50% wool/50% mohair) and spun it up. Then I plied it with undyed merino to produce a marled yarn. It is just delightful. I love spinning.