Saturday, August 11, 2012

happy pigs

We bought one of his pigs.  It'll be slaughtered in the fall.  I'm glad the animal we eat gets to have such a happy life (as opposed to factory farms).  You can't see it, but they have already tilled up some of the pastures.  These are some happy animals.

happy cows

One more picture from the farm visit.  Happy, healthy cows!  It was just like from a dream, the beautiful weather, the green pasture, the cows softly mooing, the birds flitting around.  So much fun.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hog heaven

Some friends and I went to visit the most delightful farm.  It was the best day!  See the baby pigs?  The young farmer is really trying to make a "go" of farming pasture raised livestock. Notice these pigs are given lots land to till up and get to stay with their mothers for an extended time.  All of his livestock was extremely healthy.  My camera gave out after just a few pictures of one set of the pigs, so when I get picture of the other pigs wallowing happily in shady pool, and of the cows out in the green pastures I'll post them.  They all looked like they belonged on the cover of a magazine.  SO happy looking and SO healthy.  I purchased one of his pigs and it will be processed into meat for our family.  I feel very strongly that I want the animals that sacrifice their lives for me to have a happy life and a quick death.

disco balls

Disco balls hanging down from the rabbit run.

Chickens in their shady run.

Here you can see how crazy the squash is growing.  It is giving the chickens and the rabbit shade and is trying to take over the rest of the yard, too.

My garden is doing really well.  The empty spaces were growing bush beans.  I'm in the process of putting in fall crops.