Thursday, January 24, 2013

Everytime I shop I vote with my money

Everytime I shop I vote with my money.  As I become more and more concerned with eating organically and sustainably  I am trying to spend money the way I believe.  I want the animals I eat to have had a decent life. I don't want to be supporting chemical farming practices.  I don't want to support wage slavery (or actual slavery).

Last year I joined a CSA.  Last year I met a farmer who raises pigs and cattle.  I bought a pig and had it butchered.  That has been a good experience, although it was way too much meat for our family.  It was just a huge temptation to eat it all.  While I am ok with eating meat it should be eaten sparingly.  This year I am going to attempt to grow A LOT more of our own vegetables.  This year I'm thinking about buying a cow, but asking several people to go in on it with us.

Other things I'm going to try this year.  Beekeeping.  I'm taking a wood working class and am going to build a Top Bar Beehive.  From there I'll attempt to ....  keep/shepherd/watch/grow/allow/supervise a colony of bees.  See how that works out.

I am a part of a co-op where they have bulk food available.  I bring my own containers and fill them there.  I just love that.  I use mason jars for just about all of my food storage and I bring a box of them to the co-op and fill them there.  It is really cool and I have lots of people say, "I wish I had thought of that."

Lots of plans for this coming year!