Monday, August 16, 2010

crazy week

We're on the count down to my daughter's wedding. The only thing that matters in all this is the marriage, but it is the wedding that is taking over my life. As a fairly capable, crafty sort of person I am sourly tempted to do it all myself. I can't. I don't think I've ever had a situation like this where I couldn't do it all myself, even though I have the ability. There is just too much to do! I've made more wedding dresses, fancy dresses, and elaborate wedding cakes then I can count, but for my own daughter's wedding I didn't make her wedding dress (I did alter it), I didn't even make my own dress (I started it, I just ran out of time to finish it), and I'm making a very simple wedding cake. I have a ton of friends willing to help, I sure love all of them. I've got every day this week mapped out as to what I need to do. Today was make all the final shopping lists (mainly food). Tomorrow we're going out to buy food.... lots and lots of food. Wednesday is mainly for cooking/baking, Thursday is for flowers (a friend is doing the actual flower work)and finishing the cake, Friday is setting up the reception and Saturday is the big day. Whew.

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