Sunday, November 7, 2010

Llamas and Alpacas, oh my!

Another magical day. I spent all summer spinning the fiber of Lumina, a black alpaca. It was so much fun. I got to visit the farm where Lumina lives and got to meet her! She's in the bottom picture, the black alpaca with a fair amount of white on her neck (her brother Nigel is in more of the pictures, looks very similar but only has bits of white on his neck). I gave her a carrot and she spent the rest of the visit following me around. Now, I know she was looking for another carrot, but it felt like she liked me and it was so endearing! I traded some of Lumina's spun-up fiber for more fiber and got to choose to take Nigel's fiber. He's Lumina's full brother. I LOVED visiting Wierworld (the farm) and meeting the llamas, the alpacas, and the wonderful owner. To see the llamas and alpacas roaming around, grazing in the meadow, stampeding past me to get to the meadow.... it was a magical day.


Lorrie Munson said...

I am going to visit a alpaca farm in Aruba in January. I don't know if they sell fiber or yarn but I will be looking for you. I love your blog. It is so refreshing and alive. Thank you!

Sue said...

You'll have so much fun there! Thanks for looking at the blog.