Sunday, January 16, 2011

house hunting

I'm going house hunting this week up in Minnesota. I really want to have a new place for Hodgson's Homestead. Simple living is so important to me. It is just killing me to have to go back into debt. But I'm excited to be able to choose my new urban homestead. I was pretty stupid when I picked this house twenty years ago. I've got a longer list this time then I did that time. This time I want a fairly basic house with a big garden-able yard. I want to live close to church and Randall's work, so we don't need to waste time and money on gas. AND I want a garage. I can't believe I didn't realize how important a place to store bicycles is. The last thing the lady we bought our current house said to me (twenty years ago) was "I'm so excited. I'm buying a condominium with a garage!" That should've given me a clue.

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