Sunday, June 19, 2011

a building year

I want this blog to be a discussion of the ins and outs of an urban homestead. I feel like we were doing pretty good down at the old place, until the moving process started. Now it is time to start all fresh. I've learned a lot from doing this all before and this time I'm going to do things a bit differently (but mainly the same). This year is going to be a rebuilding year. I think it'll be interesting to document the changes. First off is to get "before" photos and then start moving forward on the the homestead. This is a great place to have an urban homestead. I even found a STORE that sells things especially to people like me! I'll be able to buy my city chickens as soon as I'm feeling ready (which won't be until next year, but, hey! I found a place to buy small quantities of chicks).

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