Sunday, December 11, 2011

inkle loom weaving

For years my mother told me she had an inkle loom made by someone long ago in our family. As the only person in the family likely to ever use it she's been meaning to give it to me and it just arrived this weekend. I looked on the internet and figured out how it worked and this is how my first weaving attempt looks. I was pretty happy with it for a first go. I'm using my handspun wool/silk blend. I actually finished an entire belt in one go (it was a long afternoon).


Charlotte said...

Wow,Sue I am impressed! I have never even heard on an inkle loom. But that doesn't mean much. There is a lot I haven't heard of. I love reading your blog and all the creative and productive things you are doing. We had stake conference this past weekend, and I thought of you and missed seeing you there. But it makes me happy to follow your blog and know that you are happy and enjoying your new life in Minnesota. So glad that friendships can be eternal.

Sue said...

I miss you. Thanks for looking at the blog! BTW all the kids will be home for Christmas, I'm so happy about that.