Monday, January 23, 2012

I hired me a farmer!

It's the middle of January and there is both snow and ice on the roads. I'm not driving anywhere today. I just recently signed up for a CSA for our food for the growing season. A CSA is community supported agriculture. I hired me a farmer! I'm really happy about this. Eventually our own garden will be producing enough to feed us, at least that is my goal, but knowing we're going to get a lot of garden produce over the next growing season is a really happy thing for me. Randall, my husband, thinks this is really cool, too. Not only are we getting our vegetables and some fruit from them we are getting our eggs and meat from them. I feel so strongly about eating meat sparingly, but letting the animals I do eat have a happy life and a quick death. Buying meat from a farmer who lets his animals roam around in the grassy fields and the sunshine really means a lot to me.


Charlotte said...

I am very interested in your CSA. I have been wanting to join one. The only one I have found is in Troy, MO.
I would be interested in learning more details and how you like it. Thanks for sharing the fun things you are getting involved in!

Sue said...

This is my first year doing it, and I don't know if I'll ever do it again (hopefully our garden will be producing so well we won't have to). But I will give reports on how it is working out.