Friday, December 5, 2008


This is the first step in turning deer hide into buckskin. It is called fleshing. The word pretty much describes the process-- remove the flesh (and fat) from the "inside" of the hide. It looks truly gory doesn't it? It was pretty interesting once I got going. This is definitely outside work, but when it is 20 degrees outside I wimp out. I did do it in the basement, not the kitchen. Notice I'm wearing Randall's old sweatshirt. I didn't want to nastify my clothes. After I fleshed two hides I put them in the bucking solution. I'm using a solution of hydrated lime, but there are lots of other ways to "buck". I was planning on doing it with fire ashes, but I managed to burn all of our big logs on a breezy day (maybe I should call it Gone With the Wind?), so I had to go buy hydrated lime for bucking. Anyways they are soaking in the bucking solution for the next few days. I love learning how to do new stuff.

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