Monday, January 19, 2009

seed starting

The cold spell has passed and the chickens are happily back outside.

After consulting the suggestions on the seed packages I've scheduled my gardening on a week by week basis for the entire year. At least it is all down on paper. I have also got a seed starting station set up downstairs. I have wire shelving, grow lights, heating pads, a fan, toilet paper tubes, and potting soil. It is all good to go. Last year I did a lot better on starting plants from seed in the cold frame and this year I'm trying even harder. (I guess it should be called a seed starting frame, I didn't have much luck with it when it was truly cold, but once the winter had passed it worked great) It was very efficient having the baby plants ready to go into the garden as soon as there was space for them. Most seeds, even root crops, can be started in a cold frame as long as you're planning on putting them in the ground fairly soon after sprouting. I like the toilet paper tubes because they give you a longer space for the roots.

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