Friday, October 16, 2009

What's your favorite scent?

I need help. OK, I'm begging for help. Anyone and everyone who might read this blog would you let me know what your favorite scent is. I can get just about ANY scent in the department stores or in Bath and Body Works or at Victoria Secrets or from all-natural essential oils, etc. I'm serious. I can get just about any scent. I want to get an idea of what people really like. Sometimes I use a scent that I love and my customers aren't near as interested. Other times I'm ok with a scent and they go nuts over it. I want some new ideas.

SOOOOO I'm taking a survey, put your answer in the comment section. You can go in as anonymous. What's your favorite scent?


Anonymous said...

Well, I dig the smell of licorice.

Tina said...

As you know, I like jasmine. But usually my tastes run more toward citrus or herbal scents, particularly lavendar, rosemary, and mint.

Catherine said...

My favorite is Sweet Pea from Bath and Body works.