Sunday, February 14, 2010

job interviews

DH had several job interviews this past week. All of which he'd be willing to work at, but is especially hopeful on one of them. This should be an interesting week. I'm sure he'll have a decision to make by the end of the week (or will be having to make the decision by the end of the week).

I want to go where the Lord wants us to go. If He wants us here in St. Louis I'm happy to stay here, if He wants us to move to a new area I'm good with that. I want to go where He wants us to go. If He left it all up to us we'd stay here. Financially it would be a good idea to stay here because we have some recuperating to do!

As a result of not knowing if we'll be staying here in St. Louis or whether we'll be moving I'm having trouble getting up the oomph to start my little plants. I guess I just need to do it. If we do move I'll move the plants, too. Still it's hard to get going on it with everything up in the air.

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