Wednesday, February 3, 2010

work, or a lack there of

Out of work. That's us these days. DH is looking for a job (and I've never seen anyone work harder at looking for work). He even applied to be a substitute teacher. Boy, did I hate that job. We're doing ok. We still have a financial cushion to fall back on while he's job hunting. Because we live in a small, fairly inexpensive house and were able to pay it off in half the time (and that took A LOT of discipline) and we only have one car and we live fairly simply, because of all those things we are doing ok. We could survive for over a year without a job if we had to (I sure hope we don't have to). It does make me think of all those years that I wanted (and still want) to move to a nicer neighborhood, a nicer home, a better school district. Because we are here DH could afford to quit his good-paying job (that he hated) and go to school to learn something he truly loves. During the time he was in school I could still stay at home and even start my own little business. All the while we have three kids in college. I sure am glad we stayed here in this little house, in this low-class neighborhood, and stuck it out with this school district.

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