Sunday, April 17, 2011

apple trees

The apple trees are so beautiful. I've never gotten over the wonder of apples. I never tire of the dark pink buds unfolding into white petals. The warm spring sunshine encouraging the bees to flit like electrons around the tree. I feel like this is a play I never get tired of watching. After the stunningly beautiful overture, then the villains, the aphids invade, like they always do, threatening to destroy the trees by eating all the young leaves, then enters our heroes, the lady bugs who wipe out the aphids by eating everyone. This allows the tiny apples to grow, but they always have one difficulty after another. Yet at the end of every season I have delicious apples to eat. Some years bushels and bushels, some years just a bag or two. But the play goes on every year. And every year I enjoy it. This year I'll only be able to stay for the first couple of acts. I'm going to miss the finale.

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