Monday, November 10, 2008

feels like fall

We took a drive along the river and the fall colors were just beautiful. We climbed up to a bluff and saw the entire countryside. Long ago the Indians used that look-out as a burial spot. I can see why. It felt holy.

We came home and gave the lawn its last mowing. The chickens have been moved to their winter place. I stacked bags full of straw and leaves all around their house, I hope it helps keep them warm for the winter. I feel like I am getting ready to hibernate. The next morning it was below freezing and a friend saw snow.

Now is the time my garden is perfect. Next year's garden never has problems with the weather, or bugs, or water, or pests. The garden I plan in the winter always produces heavily and every plant thrives. Winter, snuggled up with a seed catalog, is the best time to garden.

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