Saturday, November 8, 2008

sponge bob cake

This is a buttercream transfer cake. The kids were very impressed with it. It is easiest to do with a cartoon image; Sponge Bob qualifies. The nice thing about buttercream transfer cakes is that you can copy just about any simplistic commercial image and it looks perfect. The image is made of buttercream, not plastic, or fondant, or anything like that. You can eat the icing but the main ingredient is Crisco and I don't eat it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I was looking to do a spongebob FBCT cake and came across your blog and was quite impressed!! This is the look I envisioned! Can you please tell me 1)where exactly did you get your spongebob image? and 2) how did you get the butter cream icing to look perfectly white and also that perfect shade of brown? Please let me know . I would really appreciate it if would share the info.
Thanks in advance

Sue said...

Wow, a comment on a cake I made four years ago! #1 I bought a coloring book and used one of the images for Sponge Bob. #2 I used crisco (not butter) for the buttercream fat which resulted in white buttercream. I used gel or paste food colors in order to get the needed colors. If the color is brown or black adding a little cocoa powder helps the color along. As I remember it took quite a bit of fussing to get all of the necessary colors for such a small image. This cake was a big hit.