Sunday, November 30, 2008

free sale

After Thanksgiving we had a free sale up at church. A free sale is like a garage sale, only no money is involved. It is staggering how much extra we have. The free sale is a chance to share. We set up every table we could find (and the church has a LOT of tables) and we filled them all. We had stuff lining the walls of the gym, we had clothes piled deep on every table. We had over two tables thick with Christmas items. And craft supplies. Toys. Kitchen goods. Furniture. Books. ETC. And do you know the most amazing part of all? About half of the stuff was taken. Almost more then the things that were taken I'm proud of the people who admitted they had plenty and were willing to share their extras. I don't know why so many people are pack rats, but I'm convinced it is a dominate gene. I've got the recessive gene; I like throwing things away. A lot of pack rats got brave and gave (at least some of) their excess away.

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