Thursday, February 12, 2009

february thaw

It is lovely today. The sort of February day that makes me hope for spring, but dread the inevitable freeze that will destroy the young buds. If the trees and plants start thinking it is spring we're guaranteed to get a killing frost. Still, I'm looking forward to spring. I've got a tray full of early plants going. On nice days, like today, I can take them outside for a serious dose of sunshine. Get them used to being outdoors. The broccoli and cabbage are doing well. I'm trying Chinese cabbage this year, for the first time. I'm going to use netting over them all. Last year this pretty little white butterfly tried to destroy my entire crop. When I saw a good price on netting at the local fabric store (it was going out of business, it was a REALLY good sale) I bought a couple of bolts. I could end up with an entire garden dressed in tulle!

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