Tuesday, February 10, 2009

reading the Book of Mormon

I'm reading the Book of Mormon in simplified Chinese. It is such a challenge for me. But I'm slowly getting better at it. Sometimes I can even read an entire verse without looking in the dictionary. That is rare. I feel like I've been trying to learn Chinese for most of my life. Actually it's just since I was 20, but that's more than half my life! I'm still at the kindergarten level. Every time I start getting serious about learning I have to make some major overhaul. Years ago I started learning traditional Chinese, then I realized only the Taiwanese used traditional Chinese and that everyone on the mainland used simplified so I went back to square one and started over. Last year I started reading the Book of Mormon and found out that it had been republished. I bought the newest edition; it hadn't just been republished, it had been retranslated!!!! Back to square one. Reading the Book of Mormon in Chinese forces me to savor the word of the Lord very slowly. I am an extremely fast reader (in English) and reading it in Chinese makes me enjoy the word in a totally different manner. I'm enjoying it. It feels like a mountain I'm climbing. I can't see the summit, but the climb is interesting.

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