Friday, February 20, 2009

substitute teaching

My first day as a substitute teacher yesterday. They put me in ISS. That means I was in charge of "In School Suspension." What a lousy job. I lived through it, but the guy I was replacing does this every day of his working life. Sheesh. I could not sell my life that cheaply. Actually I felt sorry for the kids. Most of them had just acted up in class a little and the teachers had to be able to threaten them with something, but a couple of the kids (boys) were totally out of control. There is no way they could've handled being in a classroom. It took the one kid three hours to draw three doodles. A flower, a bowl, a spoon (parts of the Japanese tea ceremony). These were not carefully done doodles either. The actual "work" took less than three seconds. He just didn't want to do it because it was the assigned work. Nothing like having to work for money to make me appreciate my wonderful job (staying home and doing whatever I please). BTW I'm only planning on working one day a week. If I had to do that every day of the week I'd go crazy!

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