Friday, March 6, 2009

baby garden part 2

And this is what my garden looks like right now. Pretty dismal, huh? New compost is coming ASAP. We went to get compost yesterday. BTW we are very blessed. We live a few miles away from compost heaven. They make mountains and mountains of it. We can see the mountains from the highway, steaming all winter. It is a kind of surreal scene. They mainly sell to lawn companies buying semi- truck loads, but they're very good about selling to private individuals. You can either bring your little truck and have them use their bobcat to fill it or you can bring your shovel and plastic bags and scoop it up. It's good quality stuff and TONS cheaper than what they sell in the garden stores. ANYWAYS, we take out the seats from our minivan and load it full of plastic bags of compost. We get home and unload the plastic bags into the driveway. I say, "I'm tired, I'll take care of filling the garden squares with compost later." It wasn't a full hour before we got a citation from the local government to get all those bags of garbage out of our driveway. Sheesh! Were they waiting for us to come home? It was pretty funny. But I am more than willing to comply with my county govenment's request and dump all those bags of compost into my garden. I just wanted to lay down for a hour or two first!

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Anonymous said...

Goodness mom, you public nuisance you!