Sunday, March 8, 2009

new compost bin

This is my new compost bin, not a concentration camp. A friend (thanks M~!) gave us a van load full of cinderblocks. Our wire compost bin was overflowing and I was thrilled to take the blocks off her hands. As you can see the chickens made themselves right at home. Eventually I will have three bins, the plastic bags are where the second bin, the dry materials bin, will be. The eventual goal is to have three bins. One active bin, one storage materials bin and one bin of finished compost. These three bins are rotated as needed (ie I throw compost into the first bin for an entire year then ignore it until it turns into compost, while I start a new active pile in another bin).


Carl's year in Japan said...

see it is a good thing that i'm not at home because i'm sure that i would have gotten roped into building this.

Sue said...