Monday, January 18, 2010


I need to take some more pictures. I know these posts are a lot more interesting with pictures.

I started this whole blog to explore simple living. I love finding ways to do things myself. I've always been like that. After keeping this blog for a few years now I can't really say I've gotten that much further down the "simple living" road. My husband has spent the last year as a college student and we have been living off of our savings (and some money generously given us by my recently passes away grandfather). I look at the totals of what we have lived on for the past year and I can't really say it was that impressively frugal. We obviously still need a good amount of money to live on even when we're living "simply." So is the simple living experiment valid? My family isn't willing to live without cell phones and the internet. But there are a lot of ways we can (and have) geared down. We cook most of our meals, we garden, we sew/knit a fair amount, we make our own soap, we homeschool. I guess this blog should've been labeled "simpler living" instead of "simple living."

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