Sunday, January 24, 2010


Since I don't have any recent photos to post I thought I'd post an old one. This picture is NOT from a tornado. It was a straight line wind the strength of a tornado. It ripped through our neighborhood and left us without power for eight days. This was an enormous tree, pulled out by it's roots. The neighbors on both sides of us lost trees tall trees. Two of our apple trees got pulled out by the roots. All seven kids were home and, boy, did we learn about simple living. I spent most of my time washing clothes in a bucket and hanging them out to dry on clothes lines stringing the back yard. It was a real family bonding experience. That was in the summer, a few months later, in the winter it all happened again and we were without power for a week in the winter. Everyone agreed losing power in the winter is much more live-able. We just kept putting on more sweaters and blankets. In the summer when it got to 102 there just isn't much you can do about it.

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