Sunday, April 11, 2010

apple blossoms

The apple trees are all in blossom. Apple blossoms are my favorite flower. I grew up with an apple tree in our back yard. We loved it. We loved to climb in it, watch the progression from flower to fruit. We ate green apples a every stage. I never got a tummy-ache (which amazed my mother). Very few of those apples ever ripened to red. The entire neighborhood of kids ate from our apple tree. I learned how to cook from that tree. Neither my mother nor my father liked sweets, something my brothers and I thought was really weird. I made it my job to provide apple tarts (and all sorts of other cookies/candies/cakes). When we got our own house (which we're still living in) I put in apple trees the first year. Only one of those original trees is still standing but I've planted others. My children enjoy the trees like I always have. I don't think their childhoods are as wrapped up in the trees as mine was, but they enjoy them and don't complain at all about having fresh apples, apple pies and apple crisps.

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