Saturday, April 17, 2010

first garden meal of the season

And did I take pictures? No. But we did eat out of the garden. First real garden meal this year. I picked a whole bunch of green onions for a chicken curry (delicious). I made a rati with the cilantro. Actually I'm not sure what it is called, but it is a big plop of homemade yogurt with a bunch of chopped cilantro in it. Very refreshing to eat alongside the spicy curry. We also had a fresh salad made of garden lettuce and fresh spinach. And finally, Chinese cabbage on the side, as cooked greens. I

I know the meal wasn't really anything special but this is the first time this year we had a meal mainly made out of garden produce so it made me really happy.

Garden update-- I've got the entire garden almost all planted. It's been a bit hot lately for this early in the spring, so I went ahead and put the pepper plants in. Even those it feels like I'm rushing things a bit. I basically have everything in except the sweet potatoes, they get put in around May. Apple update-- the trees are going crazy! More blossoms than leaves. Bees buzzing in a constant hum. This ought to be a great apple year (which compensates for last year being truly lousy?).

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