Friday, April 30, 2010

april tally-ho

In April the produce started coming in. We've had a few meals based out of the garden, but the really encouraging thing is that all the apple trees are in full bloom. Last year was a miserable year for apples. We harvested a grand total of five apples. That's apples, not pounds, apples. Worst year ever. They look crazy good this year and I'm very hopeful. And the strawberries are looking very promising, also. I managed to kill the rhubarb, so we didn't get any of that. I had no idea you could kill rhubarb. That's like killing off your dandelions. I thought it was impossible.

For April we harvested 34.7 lbs of produce (this includes 27 lbs of eggs) out of the garden. That makes the year to date total at 86.6 lbs.

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