Friday, June 18, 2010

frankie jeff goes feral

We gave Frankie Jeff a haircut and she looks a lot more like a rabbit and a lot less like a sofa cushion. It is so hot I figured I was doing her a favor. Now I have a bag of lovely angora bunny fiber waiting for me to spin it up. Frankie Jeff loves hopping around the yard and eating grass. I was trying to get a picture of her eating and she hopped away mid-picture. She loves being free and hides in the raspberry bushes. I don't think she'd ever go back in the cage if I didn't put her there.


Anonymous said...

I had gotten a rabbit for my kids when they were little, eventually letting it go in the backyard. The back yard was fenced in with privacy fence and that rabbit lived 8 years in my back yard. I now rescue rabbits from the humane society and also take domestic rabbits that are the Wildlife Resuce Center in Jacksonville Florida takes in. We now live in the country and I can have many more farm animals.

Sue said...

Good for you!

I've had rabbits before, but I've never had one as smart as this one. After I took this picture she figured out that I wanted her to go in her hutch at night. So nowadays, in the evening, I point to her hutch and she hops in it. Frankie Jeff is the best rabbit I've ever had.