Sunday, June 27, 2010

it's so hot

Another week in paradise. It's been so hot. The chickens and the rabbit seem to be able to deal with the heat. I wish I had someplace cooler for them to hang out, but they stretch themselves out in the shade, snuggle down in dirt depressions and extend themselves. I guess it helps. Frankie Jeff the girl rabbit seems to be happy here. I let her out every morning and she hops around, eating, digging, and investigating. She even lets me hold her for fur combing. The chickens, of course, own the yard, and they very happily eat as many bugs as they can. They especially like to eat the Japanese beetles (that are driving me crazy). The chickens do not have to be coerced into letting me pet them, they come running to me for affection. The garden is growing. I got 20 lbs of potatoes and a whole bunch of garlic. We're eating blueberries, but the bushes are producing so few it hardly seems worth counting. The peppers, onions and tomatoes are doing fine. I love this time of year in the garden.

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