Thursday, April 9, 2009

laundry soap part two

I really shouldn't give recipes until AFTER I've used it a few times. I'm not happy with this particular recipe. The soft gloopy soap is floating on top of the borax/washing soda/water solution. If you give it a good shake it stirs up, but I'd prefer to have a more homogenous mixture. It seems to work ok, but then again I'm not exactly picky about that sort of thing. It'll be a while before I try another recipe, I've got a ton of this stuff.

BTW, just as an experiment I tried washing my hair with my soap (not the laundry soap, just the homemade bar soap) and it worked ok, but it does seem to need a conditioner afterwards. My hair isn't at all picky about what I do to it or maybe I should say I'm not at all picky about what I do to my hair. I'd give the "shampoo" soap bar a qualified ok. I'm still going to try to make liquid soap and see how that turns out.

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