Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm tired

Today was busy. Between working the farmer's market and finishing/delivering a big fancy reception cake I'm tired. I am really enjoying being a vendor at the Farmer's Market. I can talk to everyone and tons of people are interested in the soap/lip balms and hand spun yarn. I'm not really selling much of the hand spun yarn but people are totally interested and love to talk about it. I sold out of lip balm today and I just made two dozen tubes. Next week I need to make more. I'm having fun with it. There are so many really nice people there and they love to chit chat. I knew someone out there had to want homemade products and sure enough there are. It's fun to figure out what people are looking for. Last week someone asked for goat's milk soap and I made it and sure enough it was a good seller. This week I need to find gardener's soap and something the battles poison ivy. I found recipes for them. Did I mention this is tons better than substitute teaching?

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