Friday, May 1, 2009

lip balm

I'm having way too much fun here at the homestead. I bought beeswax from a local bee keeper and made lip balms. It took a few tries with the recipe to get something I was happy with, but I think they turned out great. The balm in the tubes is a bit stiffer, but it is silkier than any chapstick product I've ever used. I called it "Bee Balm." The tins have "Hodgson's Homestead summer berry lip balm." Which my way of saying it has a mild fruity flavor to it. I even made labels for them. If I have any more fun with this I'm going to have to go into business. Somebody has to use up all this stuff I'm making! One of the big attractions is I know what goes into my products. Everytime I read a label I'm grossed out by the large number of items I can't even pronounce and sound an awful lot like poison. I know every item in these lip balms is edible, even though I doubt I really want to eat much beeswax.

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Anonymous said...

Sue, It sounds like you are very busy these days. I like the idea of homemade lip balm, because I also get grossed out by all of the ingredients. I'm interested to hear more about your homesteading adventures on the train. Bring some lip balm if you think about it, as I would like to try it. My sister and I are enjoying your blog! Tina