Monday, May 11, 2009

my daughters

I'm so proud of my daughters. As a special treat for church on Mother's Day they taught the children in Primary yesterday so that the moms, who normally teach, could attend Relief Society with the other women. It was so fun to hear how their lessons went. The kids they taught obviously had fun. As the Relief Society President it was especially gratifying to have so many of our sisters together for the Relief Society lesson.

More wonderful things the girls did-- they cooked for me. This is a tradition in our house. On Mother's Day the girls cook. Actually it started out years ago as Daddy cooking for me on Mother's day but the girls took over the job (insistently) as soon as they thought they were old enough. They really bust out the cooking yesterday! For breakfast they made pancakes with fresh raspberries. For dinner they made Chicken Cordan Bleu and Ratatouille. For dessert they made strawberry tunnel cake. It was kind of amazing. They enjoy cooking.

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