Friday, August 7, 2009

soap business

This blog started out as a chance to chronicle my attempts to live more simply. Then a business happened before I even realized it. It just sort of happened. I'm probably spending too much time messing around with the soap business and not enough with the simple living business. I haven't gotten much sewing done ever since I started this business and I miss it. BUT I'm learning all sorts of interesting things in the soap/beauty products world. Soap? I've got that one down pat. I'm still learning, but I'm way past the basics. Beauty products? Whoa. That is a much bigger challenge. My goal is to make natural products that are good for us (me). I'm really having fun with this but the biggest problem is shelf life. It's easy to make products; it's hard to have them last. I could just put in a chemical preservative, but that would defeat the whole reason I got into this. The more water in the batch the harder it is to keep it fresh. I just made a lovely batch of lotion and I'm very happy with it. I'll be selling it on Saturday. See if anyone else likes it. I' d love to expand into all sorts of products, but the shelf life is my biggest thing holding me back.

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