Sunday, July 5, 2009

raspberries and apples

The raspberries were wonderful this year. We had to fence the bushes off so the chickens didnt' eat all the fruit. When I left on vacation I picked as many raspberries as I could, then I removed the fencing. The chickens were very happy to finish the picking for me. They love the raspberry bushes. They give them a place to hide in the shade.

The apple tree has some sort of wasting disease where some of the branches die and the leaves turn all brown, but this tree seems to have survived, with fruit! I'm not sure what the disease is but I know it killed one of my apple trees a couple of years ago. I usually lose a few small branches to the disease each year, but that one year I lost an entire young tree. I love apples. We had an apple tree in our backyard when I grew up and that apple tree played a major part of my childhood. We practically lived in that tree every summer.

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